Introduction to the Deep Recorder System

2021-12-01 16:00:00 (UTC+8)
Attention! Attention! A brand new system of [Deep Recorder] has been discovered in the Deep Log.
Upon closer inspection, the [Deep Recorder] has been found to be rich in resources such as Zenny, DNA Points and
even “Deep Recorder Treasure” – the first instance of such treasure to be found.
However, there is a catch – despite the abundant resources, players will not be able to adhere to the tried true formula of normal battles,
relying on a few powerful characters and weapons to get these treasures.
Not only that, whilst navigating the [Deep Recorder],
players may also face obstacles and challenges from other players.
So how are players supposed to tackle this [Deep Recorder]? Let’s now learn more about it!

[Overview of Deep Recorder]
1. Players must be LV 50 or higher in order to challenge the [Deep Recorder].
2. To access and take part in the [Deep Recorder], simply go from [DiVE] > [Challenge] > [Deep Recorder].
3. [Deep Recorder] is a map that is made up of numerous event grids that players have to explore.
4. These event grids can be separated into five categories: [Exploration Grid], [Combat Grid], [Hardpoint Grid], [Power Grid] and [Random Grid]. For each event grid completed, players will receive the reward shown on the grid.
5. To challenge the [Deep Recorder], players must deploy 10 of their best characters and 10 weapons from their current collection in their loadout to explore the [Deep Recorder].
6. Once your choices of characters and weapons are locked in, you will not be able to change the characters or weapons until the next event starts. But the bonus stats from upgrading will still update on a real-time basis.
7. [Deep Recorder] will be reset on a weekly basis. To ensure optimal gain from the event, players must make as much progress as possible before it resets and complete as many as event grids as possible ahead of other players to stay ahead of the game.
8. When moving to an uncompleted event grid in [Deep Recorder], it will cost action points. Regardless of the outcome of the grid you have stopped, your party will stay on the grid. You will automatically recover action points each hour, but unused action points will be reset along with [Deep Recorder].
9. Each [Deep Recorder] session can accommodate up to 4 players. Players will compete for ranking based on their percentage of grid completion. If players tied for grid completion, the tie will be broken by who achieved the progress first (based on time stamp).
10. Players’ progress in [Deep Recorder] are completely independent from one another. Your progress is solely based on the grids you have completed; grids completed by other players will not count toward your progress.

[Notes on Event Grids]
1. [Exploration Grid]: Success will be determined based on player’s current total exploration value.
2. [Battle Grid]: Success will be determined based on player’s current total combat value.
3. [Hardpoint Grid]: If no other players have completed this grid, success will be determined by comparing the initial value against player party’s value (i.e. (current explore + current combat)/2).
4. [Power Grid]: When you move to this grid, you will randomly gain a buff that may increase your current exploration/combat/action point.
[Random Grid]: A random event will take place when you move to this grid.

[Other notes on Deep Recorder]
1. When choosing their character and weapon loadout to challenge the [Deep Recorder], players are recommended to prioritize characters and weapons of higher rarity and star rank to ensure better odds of success.
2. Ranking rewards will be distributed after the weekly reset and sent to players’ mailbox.

[Deep Recorder] is a brand new feature that we are launching for the game. In order to maintain the game’s balance and ensure that relevant new mechanisms can be implemented smoothly, the Team reserves the right to collect relevant data and adjust specific contents without prior notice during the open beta. For more information, please pay close attention to announcements featured on our official website.