Banned Players who Used Modifiers Notice (2021.04.22)

2021-04-22 15:00:00 (UTC+8)

Dear Players,

Due to the current usage of illegal programs in-game and to give players who support ROCKMAN X DiVE a fair battle environment, we have already conducted two methods to deal with this issue!

1.Officials will be on watch-out and will immediately ban players who use modifiers!
2.The team has already made improvements to the modifier protection system.

Using illegal methods in-game is something we will not allow!
In addition to our watch-out, players please also help us. If you see any irregular behavior in battle mode, report through the customer service system.
We will look through the info carefully and ban players if illegal actions are indeed confirmed.
We are again, very sorry for some usage of illegal programs that hurt players’ enjoyment of the game!

Banned players’ list:

The team hopes other players will help report any illegal actions in-game by providing player nickname and ID (with screenshot preferred).
You can report by going to “Settings”, “Game”, and “Report a Problem”. Our staff will take care of these issues.
The location of “Report a Problem” is as shown in the picture below: