2020/12/23 Maintenance Complete Notice

2020-12-23 16:00:00 (UTC+8)
Dear Players,

The maintenance of ROCKMAN X DiVE have completed on 2020/12/23 16:00 (UTC+8)

Event Update
【Farewell 2020】series event:
Limit Challenge - Merry Christmas!
Request to Collect Memorabilia from Snow Festival
Operation Xmas Present (Ⅳ)
For more details, please visit the event website. 》Farewell 2020

【Merry Christmas!】Christmas Theme Event

For more details, please check the information on the right of【Event】.
*Event Time: 2020/12/23 16:00 ~ 2021/01/05 22:00 (UTC+8)

Update and Adjustment
System Update and Adjustment:
Card Gallery Opened
For more details, please check the information on the left of【 Gallery】>【Card Gallery】.
Optimizations and adjustments:
1. New BGM will now play at the Main Screen.
2. Hit on Miru Toraeru with slash skills will now register properly.
BUG fixed:
1. When stealing shield-type buffs using【Bass.EXE】's【Get Ability Program II】, the durability of the shield is not displayed properly. This bug has been fixed.
2.【Bass.EXE】's【Get Ability Program II】can be used to steal shield-type buffs with hit registers (i.e. Swimsuit Roll's Water Shield, Mega Man's Leaf Shield and so forth). The ability is not supposed to work for such shields. This bug has been fixed.
3. The system will delete mails you have opened that are added last to your mailbox once you have reached the cap of 100 mails. This bug has been fixed.
4. Character【Omega】 can trigger his passive skill 【Arc Blade】 with normal attack while activating the passive skill of the weapon that is in use. This bug has been fixed.
5. In this version, if players first get【Massimo】【Axl】【Marino】【Ferham】【Iris】【Cinnamon】and go to the character page to watch the character display, the game will crash due to the error of voice file download. The team has temporarily remove the voice of the characters mentioned above as urgent disposal. : The issue is currently fixed.
6. When using S.Boomerang while performing normal attacks with Character【Zero(Z)】, there's a chance for Zero(Z) to hold the shield whilst being able to attack normally without the shield disappearing. This bug has been fixed.
7. When using character [MegaMan.EXE] to attack left using the skill [Big Straight], the animation will show the right punch being through as vertically inverted. This bug has been fixed.
8. When using character [Axl], cancelling the skill [Strafing Barrage] during activation will cause the character's appearance at standstill to look different from normal. This bug has been fixed.
(We will make a notice once the BUG has been fixed)

Capsule Update
Time Limited Capsule:【Christmas Leviathan】 Available:
S Rank Character【Christmas Leviathan】appear probability UP
S Rank Weapon【Shooting Dragon】appear probability UP
When you get the PICK UP character or weapon, you will get the corresponding Memory.
*Available Time:2020/12/23 16:00 ~ 2021/01/06 15:59 (UTC+8)

Direct Purchase Element Metal Update
【Element Metal x 2000】Direct Purchase Pack
【Element Metal x 4600】Direct Purchase Pack
Elemental Metal Promotional Pack (All Platform purchasable, two times limited)
*Available Time: 2020/12/23 16:00 ~ 2021/01/06 15:59 (UTC+8)

Element Metal Recommended Pack (All Platform purchasable, one time per account only) .
*Available Time: 2020/12/25 16:00 ~ 2021/01/06 03:59 (UTC+8)

Shop Item Special  Update
【Christmas Ferham Memory】-Limited Special Offer!
*Available Time: 2020/12/23 16:00 ~ 2021/01/13 15:59 (UTC+8)

Shop Item Update
【Axl Memory】(Element Metal Purchase)
【Zero Memory】(Element Metal Purchase)
【Layer Memory】(Element Metal Purchase)
【Shadow Blade Buster Memory】(Element Metal Purchase)
【Elite Lance Memory】(Element Metal Purchase)
【Heavy Blaster Memory】(Element Metal Purchase)
*Available Time: 2020/12/23 16:00 ~ 2020/12/30 15:59 (UTC+8)

1. In either PVP or Co-op, if both players use【Omega】 and charge energy with 2 skills, the SFX for the first skill to be charged will be obscured by the SFX for the second skill to be charge. The first player to release the charge will stop the SFX for skill charge, even if the other player is still charging.
2. When using character 【Omega】equipped with 【Berserker Great Sword】, using Arc Blade can cause the Berserker Great Sword's Dimensional Rift to trigger when the shockwave hits any terrain such as the ground or walls.
3. When using 【Tron Bonne】, performing normal attacks on obstacles while transformed will trigger the passive skill of the weapon equipped.
(We will announce immediately when these bugs have been fixed).

  ◆Other Notice
Routine Maintenance Time Change on Next Week:
The maintenance time is expected to be adjusted to 2020/12/29 12:00 ~ 16:00 (UTC+8).
Players won’t be able to log into the game during the maintenance period. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.