Character Develop

Displays basic character information and allows character training and upgrades of skills, star rank and skin to improve power.

Equip Level Up

Displays weapon, armor and chip information for upgrade, modification and star rating upgrade to further enhance combat power from the equipment. Putting on a set of armor provides special set effect.


These are the story stages in sequential chapters. There are stages in each chapter, and completing a chapter will unlock the next.


Co-op requires the participation of multiple players. Similar to the story mode, players are to reach higher level to unlock new stages.
Players need to party with friends to complete the stages.

BOSS Challenge

The stages for boss challenges Each boss is designed with different power and specialty.
The bosses at later stages are much more challenging!


Are you in short of EXP, Zeny, or enhancement materials? All of them are available in event!
Limited time point events with special stages and bosses may be available!


Arena provides more than one PvP modes for players to fight against with each other.
Players will be able to win great rewards if ranked into the leaderboard after the regular Qualifying.


Allows the research and development of the Memories of characters, weapons and chips.
As well as high-tier DiVE Trigger research, enhancement and upgrade. It also provides daily research support that restores AP.


Do you feel loss of purpose? Achievement mission is a good challenge for you: battle, training, arena and even those for collectivists! Make sure you don’t miss it!
It also provides a daily mission that provides pretty rewards.