2020/10/21 Maintenance Complete Notice

2020-10-21 16:00:00 (UTC+8)
Dear Players,

The maintenance of ROCKMAN X DiVE have completed on 2020/10/21 16:00 (UTC+8)

Event Update
【RAIDBOSS】Challenge Together Event
*Event Time:2020/10/21 16:00 ~ 2020/11/01 22:00 (UTC+8)
*For more details, please check the RAIDBOSS icon on the main title.「RAIDBOSS」。
*Special Notice: Players need to reach Lv 22 to participate in this event.

Update and Adjustment
Jakob Orbital Elevator new Level released:
1. Level 66~70 released
2. Mode【Challenge】Level 56~60 released

Adjustment :
10/21 New account first activate capsule weapon will changed to “Military Buster” instead of “High-speed Rifle”.
*Notice: Only for players who create account after the update on 10/21.

The receive method of “Co-op Token” in Co-op challenge mode has changed from Daily Reward to Weekly reward, and the amount has been adjusted.

【Second Armor X】
Improved the controls for active skill "Double Charged Shot": You can now cancel the recovery after the shot

【Ultimate Armor X (CM)】
Improved the controls for active skill "All-out Barrage": The action and damage now take shorter time to register

Capsule Update
Time Limited Capsule “Glittering Spark” Available:
“Glittering Spark” with higher probability to get!
The 1, 3, 5 times of 10 draws will guarantee a S Rank Weapon!!
*Available Time:2020/10/21 16:00 ~ 2020/10/28 15:59 (UTC+8)

Shop Item Update
【X Memory】(Element Metal Purchase)
【Massimo Memory】(Element Metal Purchase)
【Roll Memory】(Element Metal Purchase)
【Triangular Saber Memory】(Element Metal Purchase)
【Crushing Spray Gun Memory】(Element Metal Purchase)
【Ion Rifle Memory】(Element Metal Purchase)
*Available Time: 2020/10/21 16:00 ~ 2020/10/28 15:59 (UTC+8)

Shop Item Special  Update
【Iron Maiden Memory】-Limited Special Offer!
*Available Time: 2020/10/21 16:00 ~ 2020/11/25 15:59 (UTC+8)

Other Notice
Taiwan Capcom Official Website Maintenance Complete Notice:
Taiwan Capcom Official Website has completed maintenance at 2020/10/21 15:00 (UTC+8).