Overview of Card System

2020-10-14 16:00:00 (UTC+8)

Greeting, Players!
We are thrilled to present you with the all-new “Card System” that has been officially launched after the latest update for “ROCKMAN X DiVE.”
First of all, the “Card System” does not impose any level restrictions
New players will be able to receive the Card EXP Program V x30 and one of each of the four following cards: Refleczer, Metall C-15, Ball De Voux and Dig Labour.

To learn more about the “Card System” quickly by playing the game, you can tap on the “Character” interface for the first time to trigger the tutorial on “Cards.”

To access the “Card System,” please go to the original “Character” interface.

When you do so, you will see two options in the new interface: “Character” and “Card.” The following section will cover the functions of both options now that the “Card System” is officially in place.

Once you go to the Character interface, you will see a new option at the bottom left-hand corner of the screen for you to equip “Card” for a selected character. Select a character that you wish to equip a Card and tap “Card” to bring up a summary of the current card(s) equipped on the character on the right side of the screen.
★Just another quick reminder: when you tap on the “Card” interface under Character, you will trigger the tutorial for the Card System.

Once you access this new interface, you will see all the cards that you have obtained thus far in the game here. Here you will be able to perform a number of basic actions for your cards: “Protect”, “Sell” and “Card slot expansion”

Protect: this function prevents you from selecting a card as a powerup material or selling it by mistake.
★Protected cards will appear as locked.

Sell: This function allows you to exchange cards you no longer need into Zenny.
On the left-hand side of the screen, you can select card ranks (i.e. S, A or B) to select all cards of the chosen rank you have.

【Card Information Overview】
Card Information Main Screen

Card Information (left portion)
Card type: currently cards come in four types as indicated by their colors: red, yellow, green and blue.

The color for the frame around the card indicates the rank of the card (i.e., S, A or B).
Card level shows the current level of the card.

Number: this is the serial number of the card in the system and it is shown on the upper right of the card.
Name of card: this is the official name of the card and it is shown below the illustration.
Star rank: this is the number of stars you have reached for this card and it is shown at the bottom of the card.

Card Information (right portion)
You will find three tabs for this side of the screen: “Basic Info,” “Power up” and “Item power up”
Under Basic Info, you will see the status buff and relevant passive effects that the card offers.
★Specific passive effects will require the card to be equipped on a matching character in order to be activated.
★Specific passive effects will require the character to be already equipped with another card of specific card type before it can be activated. For example, if the Active conditions show: , it means that you must first equip the character with two blue cards in order to activate this passive effect.

Under Power up, you can use other cards as powerup material to increase the level or the number of stars on a card.
★To increase the number of stars on a card, you can only use cards identical to the card you wish to power up as materials.
★Important notice: cards you use as powerup material will be lost permanently.

Under Item powerup, you can use Card EXP Programs as powerup materials to increase the level of a card. Alternatively, you can also use Universal Star Up Card here to increase the number of stars on a card.
★Important notice: A card’s level can never exceed the Player’s current level.

【Ways to obtain Cards and relevant items】
By Co-op:
1. Team challenge mode: you can earn up to 100 Co-op Token each week for each stage you clear in this mode.
2. Team mode: you can earn “Powerup Resource Pack” that contains EXP Programs and a random crystal element. There is no limit to the number of resource packs that you can receive in a day.
3. Additional loot: stages for Lv60 or higher will drop four color crystal materials as additional loot.
4. New Co-op Token Shop: the tokens you earn through playing Co-op can be spent in this shop to purchase specific cards.

By research:
1. Starting from Research Level 4 (i.e. Player level 60 onward), you will be able to create cards through research.
2. The crystal/ore/gem you may need as research material for cards may differ depending on the research level.

By Arena:
1. New Arena Token Shop: the tokens you earn through playing Arena can be spent in this shop to purchase specific cards or other items.
2. Changes to Arena Reward (Daily/Weekly): with new adjustments to the rewards, you can now obtain specific cards and relevant items through this mode of play. For more details, please refer to the in-game announcements for “Arena Reward (Daily/Weekly).
3. Changes to Ranking Reward for Ranked Matches: you can now obtain Arena Token and other items from Ranking Reward. For more details, please refer to the descriptions on Ranking Reward in the game.

By Daily Mission:
1. The reward for completing a Co-op stage has been changed to Co-op Token x50
2. Arena Reward has been changed to Arena Token x50

By other means:
We will be organizing different events and campaigns that offer various cards and items as rewards from time to time. Be sure to pay close attention to our latest announcements.

And that’s it! We hope through this “Card System” that we have just launched, you will be able to create their most powerful Hunter Program that is uniquely yours.