Release Delay Compensation and Abnormal Statements Notice

2020-07-13 16:00:00 (UTC+8)
Dear Players,

We are deeply sorry for all the inconveniences that brought to players due to the delay of Google version release and the APP crash issue caused by Facebook linking program.
Therefore, the Team are sending the following compensation:
1. All Server Element Metal x400.
2.【The Savior has Come】Mega Man ZERO collaboration event has been effected by the mentioned issue, all server【Event Coupon】x1500.
*Please go to the in-game Mail box to receive the compensation, each person can receive only once.

  Meanwhile, there are following BUGs in game currently:
1. Players connection issue in Co-op stage.
2. Players connection issue in Battle Mode and Ranked Match.
3. Some players will occur abnormal statement during the Tutorial of Backup system.
4. Daily Mission: After completing Ranked Match, the daily mission【Often on the Battlefield】wouldn’t be determined as mission complete. (Complete Battle Mode will be counted.)
5. Some weapon skill will be in abnormal statement in Arena.

We are now processing on fixing and optimizing method, we will make a notice when the issue has been solved.

We apologize for any inconveniences that might have caused, thank you for your patience and understanding.