Backup System Introduction

2020-07-10 18:00:00 (UTC+8)

Dear Players,

We are now introducing the brand new system【Backup】 that we added after the Major Update.

First of all, you need to reach at least Lv.45 to use the【Backup】system.

To enter the【Backup】system, click the【Lab】.

After you enter the【Backup】system, you can see there are a【Unlock】bottom, if your character are at the require LV and you have the required materials, you will be able to unlock the block.

Let’s take the first block for instance, the required item is【Sync Device】, you can click on the icon to confirm the acquisition method of this item.

After successfully unlock the first block, the system display will be showed as the following picture, and you will be able to add weapon in this block.

Click【Change weapons】to open【Backup Weapons and Equipment UI】.
Special Notice:
* The weapons that has been currently equipped as Main/Sub weapon will not be able to be added into the block.
*The weapons that has been already added into the block, will not be able to added into the later block.
*Besides these two condition, all kinds of weapon will be able to be added into the block.

After adding backup weapon, it will raise the total power depends on the level and ability conversion of the block.

The 【Attack】and【HP】from【Weapon】>【Upgrade】is what mainly affect the increase amount of the total power, there are also other variables that will cause effect as well, players can try to find them out!

That is all for the introduction, we hope that players can smoothly raise the total power through this new【Backup】system!