About [Illegal Programs] and [Battle Connection]

2020-05-21 18:00:00 (UTC+8)

Dear Players,

First of all, the team would like to appreciate for the supports and feedbacks that all players have given to us since 2020/3/24《ROCKMAN X DiVE》officially released.

During this period, we have receive quite amount of suggestions and questions about the game, but due to the large number of returns, we are unable to response them all in time, which caused the disappointment from the players. We sincerely apologize for that and promise we will continually review and improve from each case.
Among all the suggestions and questions, we are giving explanations about the two issues [Illegal Programs] and [Battle Connection] that has been concerned by the players the most in this post.

About the [Illegal Programs]
In order to maintain the fairness and service quality of the game, the team has been putting efforts on capturing illegal programs and strictly ban the accounts that maliciously use modifiers in game.
In the Update on 2020/5/14, we have added anti-blocking measures and successfully blocked some of the illegal programs. We will keep on optimizing the anti-blocking measures and ban the modifier user to give every players a pleasant game environment.
In order to reduce the situation of misjudgment, the team needs to collect the system data and process checking and comparison strictly.
We would appreciate for players’ assistance through reporting suspicious cases.
The team will analyze and check the information reported by the players, but the verification will take some time.

●How to Report in game:
The team hopes other players will help report any illegal actions in-game by providing player nickname and ID (with screenshot preferred, file size limited in 5MB).
You can report by going to “Settings”, “Game”, and “Report a Problem”. Our staff will take care of these issues.
The location of “Report a Problem” is as shown in the picture below:

●Service e-mail: service@capcom.com.tw

Using any kind of illegal programs are prohibited. The accounts using modifier will be subject to permanent suspension and termination of the user service contract; for serious cases, we reserve the right to take legal action. Please do not defy the law.

About [Battle Connection]
The quality of the battle connection has always been one of the focus of the optimization and improvement of the《ROCKMAN X DiVE》team.
The development team is processing on optimizing and adjusting the connection quality of various regions, hoping to provide a fair and perfect game environment.
In the meantime, we are also evaluating various suggestion provided by players, such as:
* Match players with the same connection quality as much as possible.
* Adding PVP Blacklist in order to avoid matching the players with low connection quality……and so on.
Through all the suggestions provided, we can feel the enthusiasm from the players, and we truly appreciate that.

Team members are very serious about evaluating the feasibility and potential problems of each suggestion, and are actively thinking about whether there is a better solution to optimize this system in order to improve the experience of the battle connection.
There are various reasons that might affect the connection status, the team are still working on repeatedly correcting and testing, which still take some time to improve. We apologize for the inconveniences that might cause during the period.

Finally, we are sincerely grateful for all the love and supports from every players, and we are looking forward for continually suggestions and feedback. The team will keep on putting efforts to make《ROCKMAN X DiVE》a better game!